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วิสัยทัศน์ พันธกิจ ยุทธศาสตร์และกลยุทธ์ของสำนักงานเศรษฐกิจการคลัง (ภาคภาษาอังกฤษ)

     Creative Policies / Modern Organization / For a Fiscally Sustainable Economy

     1. Undertake comprehensive study and analysis and provide policy recommendations in relation to fiscal, financial system, savings, investment, macroeconomic and international economic policies.
     2. Oversee, monitor, evaluate and report the outcome of policies and measures implementation.
     3. Scale up understanding and acceptance on implemented policies and their outcomes by empowering target groups, public and domestic and international organizations with knowledge.
     4. Continue to pursue organizational and human resource development as well as promote innovation.

Strategy 1: Maintaining Fiscal Discipline and Economic Stability.
     1.1 Foster the implementation of fiscal policies while taking into account fiscal discipline and economic stability.
     1.2 Strengthen the stability of Specialized Financial Institutions
     1.3 Develop an all-encompassing system for fiscal risk management.
     1.4 Strengthen local governments’ fiscal stance.
Strategy 2: Promoting a Sustainable and Competitive Thai Economy.
     2.1 Support the development of the financial system.
     2.2 Develop innovative financial tools to expand opportunities and enhance the ability of SMEs and farmers.
     2.3 Support Thailand in becoming the regional hub for trade, finance, and investment.
     2.4  Reinforce fiscal and financial tools, together with enhancing international cooperation,       in order to promote sustainable and inclusive growth
Strategy 3: Creating Opportunities and Tackling Socio-Economic Inequality
     3.1 Strengthen the local economy.
     3.2 Promote savings for retirement scheme to secure sufficient fund for post-retirement spending.
     3.3 Execute the Financial Literacy Development Plan
     3.4 Propose fiscal policies to tackle socio-economic inequality.
Strategy 4: Being Proactive, Fostering Cooperation, and Educating the Public
     4.1 Play a proactive role in developing a strong network with other public entities, private sector, and the public, both domestically and internationally.
     4.2 Promote Thailand’s role in the international fiscal and financial cooperation fora.
     4.3 Disseminate news, information, fiscal and economic measures, and academic work to scale up public understanding.
Strategy 5: Developing a Modern Organization with Adherence to Good Governance
     5.1 Achieve excellence in human resources.
     5.2 Encourage researches, knowledge management and innovation.
     5.3 Strengthen the FPO’s capacity with data innovation and databases.
     5.4 Develop advanced information technology and cybersecurity.
     5.5 Ensure a transparent and efficient administrative and auditing system.