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Foreign International Reserve (as if 8 January 2021) stands at 257.1 billion USD.

Headline inflation in November 20 was -0.27%yoy while core inflation in November 20 was 0.19%yoy.

Public debt in November 20 was 50.5% of GDP.

Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) in November 20 was at 1.89 times of the required liquid assets.

Budget disbursement in November 20 (fiscal year 2021) increased at 11.7%yoy.

In November 20, government collected total revenue (NGT) decreased at -9.4%yoy

Value Added Tax (VAT) collected in November 20 decreased in real term at the rate of -6.5%yoy.

Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) in December 20 was at 50.1, decreased from 52.4 in November 20.

As of November 20, the budget balance showed the deficit of 205,000 billion baht.

The real estate tax collection in November 20 decreased by -11.4%yoy.

Total depository institution loans in November 20 increased by 4.0%yoy while total depository institution deposits in November 20 increased by 9.7%yoy.

Current account balance in November 20 was a surplus of 1,475.99 million USD.

Construction Materials Index (CMI) in November 20 increased by 0.8%yoy.

New registered motorcycle in December 20 increased by 10.6%yoy.

Cement sale in December 20 increase by 1.3%yoy.