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Foreign International Reserve (as if 26 March 2021) stands at 246.9 billion USD.

Steel sales in Feb 21 increased by 0.5%yoy.

In Feb 21, government collected total revenue (NGT), excluding disbursement to DLA, decreased by -22.8%yoy.

(Foreign) For Q4/2020, UK GDP decreased by -7.3%yoy.

(Foreign) For Q1/2021, Vietnam's GDP increased by 4.5%yoy.

New registered motorcycle in Mar 21 increased by 15.6%yoy.

Public debt in Feb 21 was 53.2% of GDP.

The real estate tax collection in Feb 21 increased by 2.9%yoy.

Value Added Tax (VAT) collected in Feb 21 decreased in real term at the rate of -18.1%yoy.

Manufacturing Product Index (MPI) in Feb 21 decreased by -1.1%yoy.

Budget disbursement in Feb 21 decreased at -2.7%yoy.

As of Feb 21, the budget balance showed the deficit of -61,170 billion baht.